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What is SEO?

When you mention SEO Bankok residents and companies will say Cookie Webster! Whe have been doing SEO in Bangkok even before it became a thing. SEO is a way to promote a website. It stands for “search engine optimization”. The most effective Compared with other methods to promote websites. SEO helps to increase the number of visitors to your website. It would increase business opportunities by being seen by buyers, visitors from all over the world. We need to do SEO to get better ranking on the search results on search engines. We provide SEO in Bangkok for GoogleBing and Yahoo search engines. You can have this process for one or more version of domains. For instance, you can do SEO for or You can also do both however the price would be different.

SEO is a long-term process, it would take roughly 6 months to reach to your website’s highest target. We assure you that it will worth waiting. Once your website is on the first pages of the search results you will start getting more inquiries and they will lead to more sales and profit. SEO is so much cheaper than advertising on newspapers, radio, TV etc.


We will run a thorough keyword analysis for you and help you select a list of the best keywords that you need to rank for in top spots in Based on the keywords you will be selecting, we will analyze the whole website and see if the onsite i.e. keywords density, meta-tags, alt attributes and more than 100 other factors are fine or not. 

Every day your site will get 2-5 first tier backlinks, 5-8 second tier backlinks and about 8-10 3rd tier backlinks, this will act as organic references to your site in Google’s eyes and Google in return will start crediting you with better rankings. While the on-site SEO is being fixed, we start with the Off-site SEO from the very first day and start building Organic natural references (Backlinks) to your website. We at Cookie Webster have been doing SEO in Bangkok, Thailand and we get the best results and great feedback.


Keyword research is the first step to a successful SEO strategy. You need to determine the keywords to use to drive targeted traffic to your products or services. Start brainstorming potential keywords, make a list and try to avoid generic keywords. We would also make a keyword research and make suggestions. You should not use generic keywords such as “SEO”. You should create long tail keywords such as “SEO Bangkok”, “Bangkok SEO”, “SEO Thailand”, “best SEO services”, “organic SEO Bangkok” etc.

Meta Tags

Meta tags still play a vital role in SEO. However it can be easily mistaken and become a disadvantage instead of an advantage. Don’t worry we will step in and do it the right way. We will guide you how you need to create your meta tags. We will put them on every page that we create and publish. The search engines will find all your page, you will stand a good chance of them ranking your pages highly.


The content is the main item for SEO. Without quality content writing, there is no hope of getting good search engine rankings whatsoever. SEO-friendly formatting is extremely important because the Google algorithm looks for important words at particular places on your web pages. We can guide you how your content should be, how long and contain what. You know your business better than anyone, however you may not describe what your services are, how good your products are properly. We will make suggestions until your content is relevant and just perfect for the search engines.


We build backlinks in a tiered fashion, i.e the main domain will get 1 first tier link every day and this first tier link will get 5-7 second tier links and those second tier links get 10-15 third tier links. The reason we opt for tiered linking is so as to make the backlink profile look natural and boost the power of first tier backlinks. Apart from this we build social references which acts as backlink validators, so your domain gets shared on FB, Twitter and Google plus and variety of other social platforms to show more natural viral behavior along with organic backlinks which are being built.

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Find out about our SEO packages and the time-frame. We will analyze your website and come up with the most suitable plan for your business. Our dedicated SEO team will walk you through with this complicated process until the successful end.