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What is eCommerce?

eCommerce is basically setting up an online shop that is integrated in a website. Cookie Webster eCommerce websites allow you to manage warehouse stock and inventory, conduct sales and promotional events, set multiple currencies, handle taxes, calculate shipping costs based on weight, manage customers as well as orders and much more. You can have as many products as you want with size, color etc. options, organized in categories.


You can easily keep stock of your products and it would automatically count them down with the sales and notice the visitors when they are not in stock. Once you receive the new batch you can easily update the quantity in stock.

Product Attributes

You can have product attributes such as size, color etc. Each size can have different color options or vise versa. Each color option can change the main picture color with one click.

Prices & Discounts

You can easily setup a single price for all the colors and sizes with one click. Or you can select different pricing for each product. You can also show before price and the price after a discount. Tax can be included, excluded or ignored.


The shipping area can easily be selected. You can even select multiple shipping areas with different rate. Providing multiple shipping options is also possible such as standard and express shipping. The prices would be calculated automatically and update the total amount when checked out.

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