App Development

App Development

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App Development

You need a mobile app but you don’t know where to start? Need a graphic designer, a tester and a project manager, too? No problem, we have you covered. We are experienced about IOS and Android app development and know development languages to create perfect UI design and features.

A very important choice to make when deciding to develop a mobile app is whether it should be developed natively for the major platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone) or cross-platform / hybrid.

Adventages of Native Apps

• Native UI allows users to quickly learn the app
• Easy to discover in app stores (Apple’s app store, play store)
• Access to device hardware/software (GPS, location, shake, calendar, etc.)
• Faster (initial) speed to market

Adventages of Hybrid Apps

• Portability (one code base, multiple platforms)
• Access to various hardware/software capabilities (through plugins)
• Cheaper origination costs
• Faster (initial) speed to market

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